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With the light tube whose shape is like the capital letter U, this U type energy saving light bulb looks concise and smooth. It is very suitable to be applied in modern architecture for lighting. With different numbers of light tubes, our product can be supplied with 2U type, 3U type, 4U type, 5U type and 6U type, etc. In addition, this product is the ideal alternative light source of incandescent lamp and it is widely applied in various lighting fields, like home lighting, commercial lighting in the hotel, restaurant, factory and other places.

1.With pure tricolor rare earth phosphor, the U type energy saving light bulb glows with high luminous efficiency, high color rendering and it is non toxic. Compared with common phosphors, the tricolor rare earth phosphor can get more centralized luminous energy. Under the excitation of short wave ultraviolet, the tricolor rare earth phosphor owns high stability, high temperature performance and it is especially suitable to be used in compact fluorescent lamp.
2. Due to the advanced powder coating technology of aluminum oxide coated with water solvent and new powder injection method, this product can be made with even and stable fluorescent coating. As the impurities in the coating decrease, the performance of the product is improved effectively.
3. For the working temperature is low, this energy saving light bulb can be used for more than 8000 hours on the average, which is 6 to 10 times that of common incandescent lamp. As a result of inner electrical ballast, our product works with excellent starting performance at low temperature, no flicker, no noise and it can be switched on or off over 120000 times.
4. The product adopts superior PBT plastic case with smooth surface flame retardant technology. Even if it is used conteniously for a long time, our product will not give rise to fire and other accidents because of its safe performance. Moreover, this plastic case features excellent moisture resistance so that the product is adaptable to all kinds of humid environment.

1. Before use, users should confirm the working voltage beacause over high or low voltage will influence the service life of the enegy saving light bulb.
2. When installing or replacing the product, users should grasp the plastic parts to prevent the light tube from being crumbed. At the same time, the power should be cut off to ensure the safety of users.

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