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This CFL with cover can be installed on the surface or inlayed into the inside of the ceiling instead of ceiling lamp. Its cover is made of glass, metal and other materials. The product makes architecture space very harmonious and it is especially suitable for fine decoration places. Our product is made with multiple types of lamp holders, such as GU10 type, E14 type, E27 type, B22 type, GX5.3 type, etc. This product can cover the use demands of many countries and regions in the world.

1.The CFL has safe performance as it adopts high flame retardant material to make the cover, which has the advantage of high temperature resistance. Our product will not cause aging, fire and other dangerous failures.
2. For it is small, exquisite and owns special cover structure, this product performs better decorative property than common U type and spiral type. It is particularly suitable for lighting in market, hotel, office building and other fine decoration places.
3. Due to high color rendering property, this product can show different colors of light with varied light sources. Its color rendering index ranges from 0 to 100. This index reflects the color rendering property of the product. The higher of the index, the more similar of the object's color under irradiation is to that of real object. In general, once the index is over 75 Ra, the color of the object can be reflected factually. All our CFL with cover show more than 80Ra color rendering index.
4. The light product is convenient for installation and replacement. As the specifications of the lamp holder and the use conditions are same with that of common light bulb, our product can take place of the common product directly for use.
5. Our CFL performs with small decline on luminous flux, which is doomed to be weakened for a certain time. The common poor fluorescent powder begins to decline on luminous flux after 100 hours of use, which will be the half of the original flux after one month. The common product will have no brightness after 1000 hours. Yet the product we produce adopts pure tricolor rare earth fluorescent powder, which will be weakened only by 10% after 1000 hours and 20% after 2000 hours. Therefore, it has longer service life than common product.

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