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The energy saving lamp, also called compact fluorescent light, is the lighting device to combine the fluorescent light with ballast. It is mainly composed of two parts, the upper lamp holder structure and the lower light tube structure. As the overall size of the product is similar to that of incandescent light, who has the same lamp holder interface, our product can replace the incandescent light directly. At the premise of the same light output of luminous source, the product consumes 1/5 or 1/4 energy of the common incandescent light and it saves a lot of power and expenses, so it is called energy saving lamp. Our product can be supplied with multiple types in different specifications. According to the structure of the tube light, it is divided into spiral type, U type bulb, CFL with cover, flower shape type and so on. The product is extensively used for home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, office lighting, public lighting, etc.

Contrast on Working Principle
As for the energy saving lamp, the ballast heats the filament in light tube. When the filament is at 1160K, it will send electron for it is coated with some electron powder. The electron impacts the argon atom with inelastic collision and the argon atom generates energy to impact the mercury atom, which absorbs the energy to jump. The mercury atom generates ionization to send ultraviolet ray of 253.7nm, which stimulates the fluorescent powder to glow. Yet the working principle of the common incandescent light is as follows. When the light is connected to the circuit, the current flows in the filament. The thermal effect of the current makes the light to show constant visual light and infrared ray. As the temperature of the fialmant is very high, most of the energy is wasted as the infrared radiation.

1. For the energy saving lamp, the temperature of its filament is about 1160K while working. It is lower than that of incandescent light, whose working tempeature ranges from 2200K to 2700K. Therefore, the life span of the product is improved to more than 8000 hours, which is 6 or 10 times of incandescent light.
2. Our product features high luminous efficiency. Without thermal effect of the current, the fluorescent powder has high efficient energy conversion so that the luminous efficiency of the product can reach 60LM/W. Yet the luminous efficiency of the incandescent light is only 10LM/W. Our product can save 80% more energy than incandescent light. In the non strict condition, an engergy saving lamp of 5W can be used as an incandescent light of 25W.
3. The product is not only compact in overall size, but also is designed with multiple shapes. It has strong decorative performance.

History of Development
The official name of the energy saving lamp is compact tricolor rare earth fluorescent light, which was born in Philips of the Netherlands in 1970s. After 30 years of constant development, the product made by Chinese manufacturers gets great progress and improvement and many of them approach or reach the foreign advanced level. Compared with other countries, we have cheaper labor force and lower production cost so that we have the advantage of competitive price with guaranteed quality.

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