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The lighting LED bulb is a new type of energy saving tool instead of traditional incandescent type, which works with high energy consumption and short service life. Nowadays, the incandescent type is banned and replaced by electronic energy saving lamp in many countries. Yet the electronic energy saving lamp contains heavy metal element which will pollute the environment. With the fast development of LED technology, the LED bulb takes great advantage over traditional lighting products on the glowing principle, energy saving, environmental protection and other aspects. It becomes the ideal green lighting tool of customers. This product is widely applied in show window, market, restaurant, exhibition hall, bedroom, sales counter, office and other places.

1.Using Samsung, Epistar and other large power LEDs as light source, our product has good thermal dissipation property and small decline on luminous flux. Its service life is more than 35000 hours.
2. Driven by superior constant current source, the product can work normally with alternating current of 90V to 260V. When network voltage fluctuates, the internal power source driver supports automatic self regulation to output the same current for protecting the product. Therefore, the energy saving product realizes extremely long life.
3. Its high luminous efficiency is varied from 90 to 100LM/W, yet the luminous efficiency of traditional incandescent product is 10LM/W and it is 50 or 60LM/W for electronic energy saving product.
4. With excellent color rendering performance, the product shows vivid color of the real object and it is very suitable to be used for match color factory and other places. As its color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K for selection, our product is adequate to fulfill different lighting demands in variant places.

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage AC90-260V AC90-260V
Power 8W 3W
Lamp Life 35000Hrs 35000Hrs
Color Temperature 2700-6500K 2700-6500K

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