12W/15W/16W/18W LED Ceiling Downlight

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  • 12W/15W/16W/18W LED Ceiling Downlight
  • LY-EDRR-2.5''
  • LY-EDSR-4''
  • LY-EDSS-4''
  • LY-EDTR-12W
  • LY-ECOBR-8'
  • LY-EDGR-6''
  • LY-EDRR-6''
  • LY-EDSS-6''
  • LY-EDTR-1
  • LY-EDTR-18W

Our LED ceiling downlight uses light-emitting diodes to generate high intensity light. The lamp produces no toxic gases, emits little heat, and unlike the incandescent light, it causes no heat waste. In addition, it adopts low voltage power supply, which is more reliable, safer, and results in low damage rate. Also, the control of the LED ceiling light is very easy. You can adjust dimming at will by changing the electric current. As a result, the product has found a variety of applications in places like the porch, hallway, washroom, balcony, etc.

Technical Specifications
Model LY-EDRR-2.5''/LY-EDSR-4''/
Input Voltage AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V
Power 12W 15W 16W 18W
Lamp Life 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs
Color Temperature 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K
Luminous Flux 600-720LM 750-900LM 800-960LM 900-1080LM
Color Rendering Index 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra

1. The unique constant current source ensures the stability of each LED.
2. The LED ceiling downlight utilizes optical grade PMMA lens, which contributes to low light loss and good illumination.
3. The housing adopts 6068 aluminum alloy body and one-piece mould pressing technique, which ensures good cooling effect and effectively reduces the LED light decay during usage.
4. The white light LED consumes 1/10 the energy of an incandescent bulb and 1/4 of a CFL.
5. Thanks to the long lifespan of 35,000 hours, our product enables customers to save greatly on replacement costs.
6. Unlike conventional fluorescent tube or energy saving lamp, our LED light can withstand frequent turning on/off while not being damaged.
7. It adopts solid state encapsulation and belongs to cold light source type. Hence, it can be placed in any miniature or closed device and is vibration resistant, greatly facilitating the transport and installation.

Our company is a specialized 12W/15W/16W/18W LED ceiling downlight manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from LED down light, we also offer LED track light, spiral energy saving lamp, LED street light and LED in-ground light, among others.

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