20W/24W/25W/40W Down Lighting LED Ceiling Light

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  • 20W/24W/25W/40W Down Lighting LED Ceiling Light
  • LY-EDRR-8''
  • LY-EDGR-8''

1. High luminous efficiency
The spectrum of the down lighting LED ceiling light is nearly concentrated on visible light wavelength range, and the luminous efficiency can achieve 80 % to 90 %. However, the incandescent bulb only has a luminous efficiency of 10%-20%.
2. Healthy light
As the light spectrum contains no UV, IR rays, there is no heat and radiation.
3. Green
Unlike traditional lights and CFLs that have lead or mercury, our LED ceiling light contains no such harmful substances, which is safe to use for both the people and the environment.
4. Long lifespan
Our product can be used for 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours. However, traditional incandescent bulbs and CFLs just have a lifespan of 1,000 hours and 3,000-8,000 hours, respectively.
5. High safety
The traditional lighting products will generate great heat while emitting light. This will cause the thermal deformation and color fading of the illuminated objects. Because the LED is cold light source, it has no such problems.
6. High durability
The LED is encapsulated with epoxy resin or high temperature resistant silica gel. It has good flexibility and can withstand dropping down and pressing.
7. High color rendering index
With the color rendering index reaching over 85, it can vividly show the color of the illuminated objects.

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V
Power 20W 24W 25W 40W
Lamp Life 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs
Color Temperature 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K
Luminous Flux 1000-1200LM 1200-1440LM 1250-1500LM 2000-2400LM
Color Rendering Index 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra

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