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Adopting new lighting source, this LED down light is the improved green lighting tool based on the traditional product. It is usually inlayed inside the ceiling. The outstanding feature of the product is that it can maintain the integration and compatibility on the architectural decoration without affecting the art ceiling. In addition, our product adopts concealed installation so that the light source is not exposed. All the downward projected light is soft, even and is free from glare. Our product is diversified in specification. With minimum power of 1W and maximum power of 40W, it can be selected according to different requirements. This product is suitable to be used in large office, council chamber, department store, franchised store, airport, laboratory and other household places.

1.The LED down light has long working life. As the solid cold light source is sealed by epoxy resin, there are no loose parts in the lamp body. This product has no the defects such as the filament is easy to fail while glowing, thermal deposition and decay on luminous flux, etc. Its life span is over 35000 hours, which is 5 times longer than that of traditional light source.
2. Our product shows healthy light, which has no ultraviolet, infrared and radiation. It is not harmful for human body and environment.
3. Due to the high luminous efficacy, this product generates little heat and can turn 90% electric energy to be visible light. Yet the common incandescent lamp turns only 20% electric energy to be visible light and 80% to be heat energy. It is waste of a lot of energy.
4. With simple structure, our LED down light has no glass cover, no starter, no ballast or super voltage transformer and other accessories. It has no need to be inflated and sealed with gas. Our product performs with high impact resistance and little maintenance.

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