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  • LY-MARS2-MR16-02

This product can be installed around the ceiling or on the upper of the furniture and inside the wall, on the dado or in the skirting line. The light can be shined on the furniture and objects need to be emphasized to achieve the rich artistic effect of giving prominence to main objects with abundant layers. Compared with halogen lamp, our product features higher luminous efficiency, lower power consumption, lower temperature in the projected environment, longer service life, etc.

1.Our LED spotlight has low requiremants on the working environment. It can be driven by direct current with low voltage. This product works with small load and weak interference.
2. Without mercury and other heavy metal element in the production, the product is not harmful for human body and environment. As it is recycled, our product is a real environment friendly light fitting.
3. For this product can control the luminescent spectrum effectively, it can make the light to be concentrated to great extent. Therefore, the product is perfectly suitable for local illumination or accent lighting in museum, exhibition building and other places. As the luminescent spectrum of the product focuses on the frequency band of visible light, its luminous efficiency is up to 80% - 90%.
4. Our product works with very short response time, which is calculated in microsecond. Once the switch is turned on, the product will be on without any delay and flicker.

The LED spotlight is mainly applied in lighting for special objects, such as mural decorations, indoor exhibits and jewelry in large market, etc. It helps to improve the glossiness and smooth surface of object to get outstanding lighting effect.

Technical Specifications
Product Name LED AR111 LED Spotlight LED Spotlight LED Spotlight LED Spotlight
Model LY-AR111 LY-MARS1-MR16-01/LY-MARS1-MR16-02 LY-MARS1-MR16-03 LY-MARS2-MR16-01 LY-MARS2-MR16-02
Input Voltage DC/AC12V DC/AC12V AC90-260V DC/AC12V AC90-260V
Power 10W 3W 3W 4W 4W
Lamp Life 35000Hrs 35000Hrs 35000Hrs 35000Hrs 35000Hrs
Color Temperature 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K

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