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T5 LED Tube

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T5 LED Fluorescent Tube

Our T5 LED fluorescent tube is great for many lighting applications. For instance, it can be used for residential lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, corridors, etc. In addition, it is suitable for public lighting in offices, shopping malls, hotels, schools, stations, warehouses, parking lots, and so on.

Technical Specifications
Model LY-T5-1F LY-T5-2F LY-T5-3F LY-T5-4F LY-T5-5F
Input Voltage AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V AC90-260V
Power 3W 7W 9W 12W 16W
Length 30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM 150CM
Lamp Life 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs 35000 Hrs
Color Temperature 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K 2700-6500K
Luminous Flux 150-180LM 350-420LM 450-540LM 600-720LM 800-960LM
Color Rendering Index 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra 80-85Ra

1. Our T5 LED fluorescent tube uses 50%-70% less power than traditional lighting products, which enables users to reduce their energy bills.
2. The product is eco friendly as it emits no UV, IR rays, and contains no hazardous substances.
3. It provides 5-8 times the lifespan of conventional tube products, which helps reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
4. The aluminum alloy housing, coupled with fine heat dissipation design, effectively extends the service life of LEDs.
5. With a built-in power supply, our product can be directly installed into the ordinary fluorescent tube's fixtures without changing the original wiring.
6. The product is flicker free and can effectively protect your eyes.
7. It has no electromagnetic interference. Needing no ballast, it lights up quickly and produces no noise during working.
8. Optional milky white, stripe or transparent PC diffuser, together with a wide color temperature range, allows our product to suit different application occasions.

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