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Similar to the common product, this LED tube light adopts long strip tube but performs more excellent. Using the reliable LED as luminous source, our product is energy saving, environment friendly and long lasting. According to different diameters of the tubes, this product can be supplied with T4 type, T5 type, T8 type and other types. Not only it is widely used for indoor lighting in various office biuldings, school, hospital, factory and home, but also our product is suitable to be applied in decorative lighting at night for exterior wall of building, bridge, park and other places.

Advantages over the Traditional Fluorescent Tube
1.The traditional fluorescent tube usually generates a large amount of heat energy while working so that it turns only about 20% electric energy into light energy. Yet the LED tube light can transform 90% electric energy into light and save energy with high efficiency so that it reduces the waste of energy to great extent.
2. The service life of the product is over 10 times longer than the common one and it is nearly maintenance free. There is no need to replace the light tube, ballast, starter and other parts. After half a year, the expense it saves equals the initial investment cost.
3. The traditional product adopts alternating current and it generates 100 or 200 times of flickers per second, which is harmful for eye and eyesight. Due to the constant current source driver, our LED tube light can convert the alternating current to direct current directly and it is started quickly without any flicker. This product is good for human eyes.
4. The traditional product brings ultraviolet, infrared and other radiations, which not only can hurt human body, but also can draw a lot of mosquitoes and flies around. Yet our product shows healthy light without attracting flies so that the room looks clear and tidy.
5. As the traditional product contains a large quantity of mercury vapor, which will volatilize to pollute the air once light tube is broken. While this kind of potential danger does not exist on our product.

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