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The LED is a solid luminescent device of semiconductor. As it is efficient, energy saving, durable, small, and exquisite, the LED becomes the new green luminous source in the lighting market. The LED commercial lighting is especially preferred by various customers. Our product can be selected with multiple types, such as LED bulb, down type, spotlight, par type, tube type, LED panel, high bay type, track type, flexible LED strip type, etc. Furthermore, the product can be customized for varied using environment, like hotel project, restaurant project, school engineering, and office building engineering.

1. Our LED commercial lighting is widely used for indoor lighting to create atmosphere with full spectrum of color in senior franchised store, market and so on. As it has the advantage on local illumination, accent lighting and area lighting, the LED can create the higher quality light than the traditional luminous source.
2. In the place of entertainment, such as bar, coffee house and beauty parlor, the product can create static and dynamic lighting effect changing from white light to any color light in full spectrum.
3. In the commercial theater, TV studio, dancing and photography stage, the LED gives a new lighting concept. As a superior television station in England, GMTV adopted color changing LED in the studio last year and the product saves more than 60% energy. Moreover, the temperature in studio declines to the comfortable level.
4. Our product is also suitable for lighting in hotel, restaurant and guest house. It displays luxury and warm effect to show the company strength. Apart from saving energy, the product brings different feelings to customers.
5. As the LED is a cold luminous source and it has no heat radiation and ultraviolet radiation, our LED commercial lighting is adequate to fulfill the special lighting requirements of museum and gallery.
6. In order to attract customers in the exhibition and fashion show, many companies adopt the LED light to create personalized lighting environment to show the exhibited object with added value. Nowadays, the intellegent lighting performance of the LED takes an important part in various large exhibition and fashion show.

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